Pixel Happy – A Great Single Column PhotoBlog Theme

Pixel Happy is a well-designed, fun photo blogging WordPress theme. As I’ve noted elsewhere, the website you are currently viewing is based on Pixel Happy. It suited our purpose perfectly since we were looking for a theme that really looked like a one-column photo blog.

This theme is based on the Genesis framework by StudioPress, a popular and exceedingly well crafted “framework” for WordPress themes. One thing you should know in advance is that to use Pixel Happy you need to buy BOTH Genesis (the underlying framework) and Pixel Happy (which is a “child” theme that sits on top of that framework).

You should also be aware that like all Genesis/StudioPress theme, this theme lacks true gallery management. You can’t upload and manage galleries of images, at least not beyond the built-in image functionality for galleries (which is not impressive). This is the kind of theme where you upload images individually in groups, display them in a standard way, and that’s about it.

So if you have galleries in mind, you may want to consider using a gallery plugin for WordPress.

Despite it’s limitations, it’s great for the right purpose. We’ve been very happy with it for our purposes here.

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